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Indigo Rhythms, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization (status pending).


At Indigo Rhythms, we work with the entire animal rescue matrix...the animals being rescued, the people who are doing the rescuing and the caregivers who are watching over them. All are a vital asset in the healing process.

Paws For Life K9 Rescue pulls its dogs from local shelters. Often, we choose dogs in need of socialization and training which we place with our incarcerated trainers throughout California State Prisons. We do this because they can dedicate all of their time to their rehabilitation. After several months of training, our dogs are ready for family life after completing their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification. Some are trained to become service animals for military veterans with PTSD. By lowering euthanasia rates and preparing dogs for service-jobs, PFL is proving that everyone deserves a second chance.

We are so grateful for the work that Paws for Life is doing for the animal community, as well as for the good men who are part of their prison program. And we feel so blessed to be aligned with them, bringing our healing workshops to the prison.


Secondary trauma is often the result of witnessing the horrific abuse and tragedies that the rescued animals have endured. Just as with the physical manifestations of dis-ease from primary traumas, these rescuers can also suffer from dis-ease as a result, as well. So as important as it is to heal the animals, it is equally as important to heal all of those around them.

Teaching our workshop also works two-fold. While we help teach the inmates how to help heal themselves, they also learn how to do help heal their dogs.

To find out more about Paws for Life, please click here.

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