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Indigo Rhythms, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization (status pending).



A Victim of  Arson

I have seen such great atrocities inflicted upon these beautiful animals and the senseless crimes that have been committed against them. But in these seemingly dark moments, I have also seen an incredible amount of Light that will always shine through. Because I have seen how many more people will gather together to offer their love and support in these difficult times.

At Karma Rescue, they took on one such victim of these crimes. Her name is Abigail...a beautiful six month old pit bull mix. And what she saw in the first six months of her life was unfathomable. Someone thought that it would be fun to douse her in gasoline and set her on fire. Luckily, a neighbor saw her in time to put out the fire and save her life.

I spent day after day working with Abbie. Her will to live was only outweighed by her compassion for people. I began to wonder who was healing whom. And after about 3 weeks of intense healing sessions with her, Abbie went from looking the she did in the picture on the left, to looking like she did in the picture on the right.

More healing sessions were still needed, as the vet thought she might lose her leg. But a couple of weeks later, the leg had healed back together again, and no surgery was necessary any more.

Abbie now lives in her forever home, with her silly brother, Dylan.

A Victim of Hurricane Katrina

At an airplane hangar in Santa Monica, we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of rescues, all victims of Hurricane Katrina.
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A Black Rhino in Kenya

I met Shida during my first trip to Kenya. He arrived back to the Sheldrick stockades with a gash to his side and a prolapsed rectum.
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Paraplegic Senior Dog

Having been in the veterinary

field since age 13, and having a strong background in the

physical and biological sciences,

I met Ellie's claim to be able to "heal" with total disbelief.
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Embedded Fishing Hook in Mouth

While a team of research rescuers were out tagging and checking

seals for health on Kauai, they spotted a just-weaned monk seal, who appeared to have some sort

of rubbish growing into his lip.
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A Victim of  Arson

I've seen great atrocities inflicted upon these beautiful animals

and the senseless crimes that have been committed against them.
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Anxiety and Seizures

Ellie has done a couple of healing sessions for my husband and I,

and especially for our puppy, Sailor. Sailor has had several episodes

in which we are not sure of what caused them.
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Abuse and Neglect

Ellie has a huge heart and a special gift.  We first met when I was fostering a senior dog from South LA shelter and Ellie offered to give her a healing.  Hazel lapped it up.
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Anxiety and Escape Artist

I am a believer!! I just adopted

a 5-year old cocker mix, very gentle, loving and adorable.

But he had severe anxiety issues which led to barking, whining

and trying to escape.
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Anxiety and Fear

I’ve worked with Indigo Rhythms

for both personal healing and healing for a recently adopted dog. 
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Sudden Paralysis

One day, out of the blue, my dog Bentley suddenly lost his ability

to use his back legs. I, of course, was devastated, and I immediately thought the worst.
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