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Indigo Rhythms, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization (status pending).


Our 6-day retreats are for individuals who want to do deep healing work for themselves, through alternative healing modalities that are used to bring their mind, body and spirit back into balance. We empower each individual, as they work through their core issues, providing support and guidance each step along their process.

We know the importance of communing with nature and wildlife, in order to ground and heal on a deeper level. Therefore, we have incorporated both aspects into our program, as vital elements of our healing protocol during the week.

We offer group retreats for rescue organizations. During these week long retreats, we focus on healing the secondary traumas experienced as a result of the rescue work that they do. We also tap into the primary traumas that have led many of them into the rescue work that they do in the first place.


We also offer special retreats for children who have experienced severe traumas from neglect and/or abuse. We call in our specialized Lightworkers, who have experience working with children and traumas, as well as our most trusted animal friends. Animals bring such powerful healings to the young, as they have no ego and, therefore, come from a similar place of innocence.

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Indigo Rhythms specializes in working with animal rescues, as well as people and their pets, bringing balance and healing energies to

the entire family matrix.
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Indigo Rhythms hosts workshops and seminars to empower others to do the kind of healing work that we do, as we continue to seek out individuals whom we can mentor and align with to add to our team.
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Our 6-day retreats focus on individuals who want to do deep healing work for themselves. We also offer group retreats for rescue organizations.
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At Indigo Rhythms, we educate the public about what we do, why we do it, how it works and the impact it has on the groups we work with.
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