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Paraplegic Senior Dog

Having been in the veterinary field since age 13, and having a strong background in the physical and biological sciences, I met Ellie's claim to be able to "heal" with total disbelief. However, since I had tried everything else known to Western medicine to help my dog cope with her arthritis and degenerative disc disease, and because Ellie was a friend of a friend, I decided to "allow" her to work with Winnie. I was desperate.

Little did I know that my "allowing" her to work on my beloved dog was actually a welcoming into our lives of a gift so strong and powerful, that there are no words to describe it. At the time I was referred to Ellie, Winnie had already had hind-leg paralysis for two years. For the second of those two years, she had really slowed down, and I could see that her front legs were becoming a problem for her as well. Our walks never lasted more than 3 - 5 minutes before she was ready to head back.

The night of our first session, my friend brought Ellie to my house. I immediately liked her. I pretended to believe the "crap" she was telling me, because she was so nice, and I didn't want to be rude. However, I admit that I was disappointed when the session ended after less than 15 minutes, and I didn't see or hear her do anything that I could identify as being "healing". No chanting, no fireworks, no lizards eyes or steaming cauldrons.

Oh well. I gave it a shot.

Anyway, shortly after Ellie left my house, I took Winnie out for a quick potty. That "quick potty" turned into over 30 minutes of obstinate, forceful walk/running (with her front legs only, as I carried the harness that was wrapped around her hindquarters). I couldn't believe what was happening; I was actually speeding to keep the pace my once-decrepit dog was now setting. She ran across the street, down the block, around the corner... and my grin stretched from ear to ear as I gratefully struggled to keep her back-end off the ground the entire time. I finally had to coax her back into the car, so I could complete my errands for the evening before it got too late.

Despite this amazing experience, I was still grappling with the fact that a mere "healing" could have produced such results, and quickly resorted back to thinking that maybe it was a change in the weather, or that her new medicines were finally agreeing with her.

Despite my reticence, and perhaps due to my desperation, I asked Ellie to come back four more times to do healings over the course of the next year. Of the five times total, my roommate and I observed a drastic and immediate improvement in Winnie's spirits, ability to move, and general comfort and happiness on four of those occasions.

I continue to run a veterinary clinic and I continue to believe very strongly in Western medicine. However, the warmth and calmness I feel every time I'm with Ellie, feelings that have developed by virtue of the complete and utter trust I have in her, have thoroughly erased any doubt that she does, indeed, have a very real gift to share with the world. I know she has completely changed ours for the better!

Hannah Lieberman – Culver City, CA

A Victim of Hurricane Katrina

At an airplane hangar in Santa Monica, we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of rescues, all victims of Hurricane Katrina.
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A Black Rhino in Kenya

I met Shida during my first trip to Kenya. He arrived back to the Sheldrick stockades with a gash to his side and a prolapsed rectum.
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Paraplegic Senior Dog

Having been in the veterinary

field since age 13, and having a strong background in the

physical and biological sciences,

I met Ellie's claim to be able to "heal" with total disbelief.
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Embedded Fishing Hook in Mouth

While a team of research rescuers were out tagging and checking

seals for health on Kauai, they spotted a just-weaned monk seal, who appeared to have some sort

of rubbish growing into his lip.
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A Victim of  Arson

I've seen great atrocities inflicted upon these beautiful animals

and the senseless crimes that have been committed against them.
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Anxiety and Seizures

Ellie has done a couple of healing sessions for my husband and I,

and especially for our puppy, Sailor. Sailor has had several episodes

in which we are not sure of what caused them.
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Abuse and Neglect

Ellie has a huge heart and a special gift.  We first met when I was fostering a senior dog from South LA shelter and Ellie offered to give her a healing.  Hazel lapped it up.
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Anxiety and Escape Artist

I am a believer!! I just adopted

a 5-year old cocker mix, very gentle, loving and adorable.

But he had severe anxiety issues which led to barking, whining

and trying to escape.
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Anxiety and Fear

I’ve worked with Indigo Rhythms

for both personal healing and healing for a recently adopted dog. 
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Sudden Paralysis

One day, out of the blue, my dog Bentley suddenly lost his ability

to use his back legs. I, of course, was devastated, and I immediately thought the worst.
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