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Indigo Rhythms, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization (status pending).


I recently had the opportunity to work with

this incredible horse named Cavin, who was

so appreciative to have someone who could communicate with him. So during his session with me, he rested his head on my shoulder

for the entire time I worked with him.
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In many of my sessions with Kithaka,

he responded by slowly laying down onto

the ground and going into a healing trance

while receiving the energies I would impart

to him. He became my instant friend,

following me around wherever I would go.
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During one of our recent sacred journeys

to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya,

I had the opportunity to work with Kithaka.
My sessions with him were well received,

as he would slowly drop down to the ground

and into a trance during his sessions.
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This was a session I did for Sonje during my last visit to the nursery in Kenya, who on my first day there, ventured away from her group of larger orphans while I was working with the group of smaller ones. Since she walked right up to me, I sensed that she wanted a healing session for herself. As soon as I started her session, she went down onto the ground until I was done... in very much the same way that Kithaka did, while receiving the healing energies. When we were done, she got right back up again.

The sequence of photos shows Sonje amongst the smallest baby orphans... who are usually kept in a different area than the larger ones in Sonje’s group. You can also see that some of the other larger orphans followed Sonje and inserted themselves into her session by climbing all over her while she was on the ground. This was the result of their connection to her in her healing matrix, as they participated in her healing process.





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